Robitronic Dirtbag (29cm x 47cm x 14cm)

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After a great day in the Woods, the model car is drawn by the hardships of the day. Depending on the location full of dirt, mud, dust or grass and somehow it has to be carried home now. So that your car then does not look like hell, Robitronic has developed the Dirtbags. The vehicle is simply placed completely in the bag and closed with a simple pull on a string as far as possible with your model. Now the bag can be stowed with the practical carry handles in the trunk or on the back seat clean and dry.


The Dirtbag is made of a synthetic material and can be simply washed out with water or soapy water if necessary. The material used also prevents or impedes the penetration of oils.

The bag encloses the complete vehicle including the tires, an elastic edge adapts optimally to the model and firmly encloses the model car. Over a drawstring in the edge area then the bag also be further secured.


A strap on the left and right can be connected or disconnected with a hook and loop fastener on the handle, thus ensuring easy carrying or transporting the bag.




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