Boom Racing 1.55" MAXGRAPPLER Scale Tire 97x32mm (2 pcs)

Product no.: BRTR15504

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Maxgrappler is Boom Racing's line of scale performance RC tires. The MAXGRAPPLER is a realistic scale replica of 1:1 street legal tires. 

The tire is ribbed on the inside to maintain tire profile during side-hill crawling. Gekko compound is soft and sticky. It is developed specifically for RC crawling & trailing.


For 1.55" wheels 
Tall: 3.74" / 95mm
Width: 1.18" / 30mm
Gekko Compound (super sticky and super soft)
Reinforced tire carcass for sidewall strength

1.55" MAXGRAPPLER tire Gekko Compound (2)
Single open stage foams (2)

Product total weight: 130.00 grams

Factory description: Boom Racing 1.55" MAXGRAPPLER Crawler Tire Gekko Compound 3.74"x1.18" (95x30mm) Open Cell Foams (2)
Manufactured by Boom Racing
Manufacturer number: BRTR15504



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