Boom Racing AR44 Axle Mounted Servo Conversion Kit

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This is a dual purpose axle conversion kit for the front AND the rear AR44 axle.

Convert the Axial SCX10 II chassis mounted servo (CMS) to axle mounted servo (AMS)




Convert the AR44 axle to run counter-rotational transfer case (to eliminate torque twist) by flipping the axle upside-down so the ring gear sits on the opposite side for the axle (can be front or rear axle)


You may convert both using one axle (the front axle) to achieve the above two conversions (CMS to AMS and Counter-Rotation). If you only want a Counter-Rotation conversion, you have the option to do this in the rear axle by flipping the axle upside-down, file down the link mounts and install our axle and link mount.



Advantages of Axle Mounted Servo:

  1. Takes away the bump steer
  2. Quicker steering response
  3. More precise steering and turning angle
  4. Stronger steering
  5. More weight down low for better handling


Will fit stock plastic Axial SCX10 II AR44 axle housing with some DIY modifications (see manual).


The aluminum 4-link truss mount is used to swap the axle up-side-down if you run a counter-rotational transfer case (to eliminate torque twist).




1. To mod the AR44 axle (CMS to AMS):

For Boom Racing AR44 PHAT Axle, the mount will fit directly on the without any modifications.


For plastic AR44 axle, following these three steps:

1.1 Cut away the two tabs on the front of the axle housing

1.2 Align the truss on the axle housing and use a 2.0mm drill bit to open four holes all the way through.

1.3 Use the four M2.5 X 12mm socket head screws provided to secure the truss onto the housing.


Note: For more precise drilling, after drilling the first hole, tighten the bolt to secure the mount. Then drill the second hole, and so forth.




2. To mod and install the 4-link Truss:

2.1 File down or cut away the 4-link axle mount on the axle.

2.2 Reverse the axle 180 degree (or turn it upside-down) and install the brace with truss (see picture for result).

2.3 If you are converting a plastic axle, follow Steps 1.2 and 1.3 now.





1x Aluminum Servo Mount

1x Aluminum Axle Truss Mount

1x Aluminum Link Mount

4x M2.5x12mm Socket Cap Screw

2x M3x10mm Round Socket Head Screw

4x M3x12mm Round Socket Head Screw

2x M3x20mm Counter Sink Screw

6x M3 Locknuts

1x Manual


To convert to AMS from CMS you will need:

1x front upper link 71mm (2x if you want to match the front upper links)

1x drag link (upper steering link)

Color: Black

Product total weight: 36.00 grams

Factory description: Boom Racing Axial SCX10 II AR44 Axle Servo Mount w/ 4-Link Truss

Manufactured by Boom Racing

Manufacturer number: BR955026


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