Team Raffee Co. XT60 Connector (5)

Product no.: TRC/K5028

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Excellent T-connector replacements.

Made from high-temp Blue Nylon and gold plated spring connectors, both included in the injection mould at the time when forming the connector. The XT60 ensures a solid high-amp connection, perfect for applications up to and beyond 60A constant.


There is no patent on the XT60 connector, we hope this product is sold everywhere in the world and dominates the market, reducing customers dependency on the over-priced Deans T-connector.

Say 'No' to the Deans Connector profiteers, and use XT-60's


Genuine Nylon high-temp XT60 connectors.

XT = heXTronik.

60 = 60A constant.


Product total weight: 38.00 grams

Factory description: Team Raffee Co. XT60 Connectors Blue (5)

Manufactured by Team Raffee Co.

Manufacturer number: TRC/K5028



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