PitBull 1.55 Rock Beast® 97x34mm - Alien Kompound (2 Stk.)

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PIT BULL ROCK BEAST® 1.55 Scale Tires // (2) Two Tires per packet with (2) Two - Foams & (1) Decal sheet.

The Rock Beast Scale 1.55's are miniaturized versions of the Champion Pit Bull Rocker LT 1:1 tires. For those of you with 1:1 Pit Bull Rockers on your rigs...and have been wanting to pimp out your Scale R/C's with some MINI Pits...here 'ya go!!! Our multi-varied tread design increases forward/reverse and lateral traction with serious biting across the footprint. These Rock Beasts have many features designed to increase speed and control while enhancing stability and contact patch. Excellent lateral bite--incredible stickiness and exceptional traction. You'll be seeing this Bad Mammer Jammer on the podium very soon...and probably already have!!!


Size: 3.85x1.35-1.55


Alien Kompound™- Super Sticky - "Stickier than Alien Snot!" - great wet or dry. These suckers will hold on in off-camber situations.

This tire is a GameChanger #GameOver. Don't believe us...really...don't. Wait until someone else is running them and you will see for yourself.


You've been asking us to make a SMALLER Rock Beast 1.55 for that SUPER SCALE LOOK. We've done that and more!




Product total weight: 150.00 grams

Factory description: Pit Bull Xtreme RC Miscellaneous All PitBull - Rock Beast 1.55 Scale Rc Tires (Alien Kompound) W/Foam - 2Pcs

Manufactured by Pit Bull Xtreme RC



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