BR TE37XD KRAIT™ 1.9 Deep Dish Beadlock Wheels w/ XT601 Hubs (4)

BR TE37XD KRAIT™ 1.9 Deep Dish Beadlock Wheels w/ XT601 Hubs (4)

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The TE37XD KRAIT Deep Dish Beadlock Wheel is heavy duty and designed to withstand abuse. It uses a 6-bolt design to assemble the wheel. KRAIT wheels are used in crawling and U4 rock racing, with many wins under its belt.


XT6 Hub Series is Boom Racing's removable aluminum 6-lug hubs. They are available in multiple sizes for desired offset.



Width: 28mm

Offset: 7mm (without hub)

Offset with XT601 Hubs: 8mm (without hex)

XT601 Hub offset: 1mm

Weight: 62 grams / wheel



Stylish aluminum 6 lug beadlock

Easy to mount (6 bolts behind)

High grade nickel plated M2.5 bolts


Improved center ring design enables longer lasting tires



Traxxas TRX4

Axial SCX10 and SCX10 II

Most other 1.9" tire crawler trucks



4x TE37XD KRAIT Aluminum Wheel

4x XT601 Aluminum Hex

48x M2.5x8 Bolts

KRAIT Decal Sheet


Color: Black, Silver, Gun Metal and Bronze


Product total weight: 350.00 grams

Factory description: Boom Racing TE37XD KRAIT™ 1.9 Deep Dish Aluminum Beadlock Wheels w/ XT601 Hubs (4)

Manufactured by Boom Racing

Manufacturer number: BRW780913



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