Boom Racing 1.9 Classic 16-Hole Steelie Beadlock Wheels (Rear)

Boom Racing 1.9 Classic 16-Hole Steelie Beadlock Wheels (Rear)

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Extremely hard anodized aluminum. Stronger and lighter than equivalent standard cast or billet machined part.

This Badass 16-Hole Steelie is inspired by millions of factory vehicles around the world. Create the stock truck look you can imagine with these realistic scale steelies.

The front face is made of pressed steel for accurate scale looks. The rear is made of CNC aluminum for the high quality finish.

This rear version comes with the standard rear hub design.

A special tool is included to install the wheel.



2x 1.9" Badass Classic 16-Hole Steel & CNC Aluminum Wheels

2x Aluminum Center Hub Caps Front

10x M2x6 Bolts

2x M2x10 Bolts

2x M4 Wheel Nut

2x Washer

1x Aluminum Wheel Nut Tool


Installation Tip:

Align the steel plate and the back beadlock half and use two M2X10 screws to guide the assembly. 

Torque the two M2x10 screws until the M2x6 bolts can be easily torqued into the other three remaining screw holes easily without much force. 

Remove the two guiding bolts and replace with two M2x6 bolts. Do not fully tighten one bolt at a time. Torque the bolts in sequential order, until they are evenly tight.


Color: Black, White, Gun Metal, Untreated

Product total weight: 165.00 grams



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