BR 1.55 Yota LC Classic Beadlock Felgen (vorne) Schwarz (2 Stk.)

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Each set of wheels has two designs; remove the front cover, put the 6 nuts and bolts in for the classis Yota look. This also serves as a platform for future wheel designs.

Each set of wheels include two beadlock wheels (front or back), a multi tool to tighten and remove the face cover of the wheel, and all hardware.

Designed for RC bodies like the Killerbody Toyota Land Cruiser LC70 body.


  • Realistic scale design
  • One set - two designs
  • Includes wheel platform for future wheel designs
  • 6 lug design


  • 1.55" scale wheels
  • 25.5cm wide
  • Fits 12mm hex


2x 1.55 Yota LC Classic Front Beadlock Wheels

2x 3mm aluminum wheel wideners

10x M2.5x10 Flat Head Screw

12x M2x6 Socket Head Cap Screw

12x M2 Nut

2x M4 Wheel Nut

2x 5x8x2.5 Spacer

2x 5x8x1 Spacer

2x Spring Washer

1x Multi Tool


Fits Pit Bull Growlers, RC4WD Dick Cepek, Mud Thrashers, Mud Slingers, IROK 1.55 Tires.


Color: Black

Product total weight: 173.00 grams



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