BoomRacing 1.9" MAXGRAPPLER Scale Tire Gekko Compound 97x32mm (2)

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Maxgrappler is Boom Racing's line of scale performance RC tires. The MAXGRAPPLER is a realistic scale replica of 1:1 street legal tires. Perfect size for the Team Raffee Defender D90 and D110 bodies and will be great use for different scale hard body builds.

They are ribbed completely on the inside to maintain profile. Gekko compound is soft and sticky. It is developed specifically for RC crawling & trailing.



For 1.9" wheels

Tall: 3.82" or 97mm

Width: 1.26" or 32mm

Gekko Compound (super sticky and super soft)

Reinforced tire carcass for sidewall strength



1.9" MAXGRAPPLER tire (2)

Single open stage foams (2)



Fits most 1.9" beadlock wheels


Product total weight: 130.00 grams

Factory description: Boom Racing 1.9" MAXGRAPPLER Scale RC Tire Gekko Compound 3.82"x1.26" (97x32mm) (2)

Manufactured by Boom Racing

Manufacturer number: BRTR19397



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