Boom Racing Voodoo™ CVD Center Drive Shafts 40mm

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One pair of 'Voodoo' heavy-duty CVD 45mm center drive shafts for scale R/C vehicles from Boom Racing or other companys. Made from hardened metal alloy and built tougher for strength and performance. Includes distinctive reinforced sleeve couplings for looks, scale appearance, and toughness.


These drive shafts were made with no compromise as to crawling performance and are substantially tougher than stock parts or most other hop-ups available on the market. Replaces stock drive shafts or dogbones.



2x Center drive shafts 40mm (Pin-to-Pin)

4x couplings

4x drive pins

4x drive hubs


Available in a range of lengths to fit a wide variety of vehicles.


Product total weight: 45.00 grams

Factory description: Boom Racing Miscellaneous All Heavy Duty CVD Dore Shaft 45MM

Manufactured by Boom Racing



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