BR Rear Scale Suspension Conversion Kit for D90/D110 Chassis

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This conversion kit sets up like a 1:1 Defender rear suspension system and the geometry makes the truck move around like a 1:1 truck.


Comes with two sets of springs for different ride height options.


Remove the springs from your stock Defender chassis and mount the damper onto the new shock mount. See instruction manual for details.


Two options included:

Dislocation Cone - spring detaches from upper bracket

Spring Retainer - spring stays inside bracket



  • Damper Mount x2
  • Top Bracket x2
  • Bottom Bracket x2
  • Coil Spring 45mm x2
  • Coil Spring 50mm x2
  • Spring Retainer x2
  • Dislocation Cone x2
  • M3x10 Socket Countersunk Screw x2
  • M2.5x6 Socket Round Cap Screw x2
  • M3x18 Socket Round Cap Screw (reverse) x4
  • M3x10 Socket Round Cap Screw x8
  • Mcx12 Socket Round Cap Screw x4
  • 3x6x5 Tapper Spacer for Damper x2


Product total weight: 86.00 grams

Factory description: Boom Racing Boom Racing D90/D110 Chassis Rear Scale Suspension Kit

Manufactured by Boom Racing

Manufacturer number: BRQ763071



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