Boom Racing BRX Anti Torque Twist Transfer Case w/ HD Gears

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Pushing SCALE PERFORMANCE forward.

Boom Racing is moving past the torque twist era. Torque twist is an eyesore (lifting of the truck when it accelerates). Counter rotate the center drivetrain to have the MOST SCALE performance RC crawling motion. Boom Racing embraces scale + performance so much so that they created this BRX HD Anti Torque Twist T-Case upgrade for those looking to build and run a truly scale performance rig.


RC crawlers in the past have suffered from major torque twists with little available upgrade options to eliminate it. The new BRX HD T-Case creates a new standard for all future crawlers.

The BRX T-Case enables the front and rear center drivelines to spin in opposite directions. It creates a counter rotational force that reduces torque twist.


It fits on the Boom Racing D90/D110 High Clearance Skid Plate #BR302011.


You will need two other upgrades to run this T-Case on the Boom Racing Defender D90 chassis:

1. High Clearance Skid Plate for D90 Chassis & BRX T-Case #BR302011

2. Counter Rotation Link Mounts (for Defender D90/D110 Scale PHAT Axle BRQ763060R) #BRQ763068


Color: Black

Factory description: Boom Racing Boom Racing D90/D110 Chassis BRX Anti Torque Twist Transfer Case w/ HD Gears for TRC Defender

Manufactured by Boom Racing

Manufacturer number: BRQ763069



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