Team Raffee Co. Defender D90 Extended Chassis Rail & Bumper Set

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This chassis conversion is used to fit the Team Raffee Co. Defender D90 bodies (TRC/302223 & TRC/302224). This is the same chassis as the Boom Racing D90 Chassis or the RC4WD Gelände 2 Chassis. All mounting positions will interchange.



Overall length (bumper to bumper): 434mm

Wheelbase: variable: 282-287mm

Frame width: 85mm (outside) 73mm (inside)

Front bumper width:196mm

Rear bumper width: 190mm

Body post width: 190mm

Body post distance hole to hole: 138mm



The front and rear aluminum bumpers

2x Aluminum Chassis Rails

4x Aluminum Side Body Holders


Picture of the entire chassis is for reference only. All parts other than the included components above are not included.

Product total weight: 370.00 grams


Factory description: Team Raffee Co. Defender D90 Chassis Set For TRC/302223 & TRC/302224

Manufactured by Team Raffee Co.



Manufacturer number: TRC/302225

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