BR 1.9 Mud Terrain Trophy Tire Gekko Compound (93x24mm) (2)

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The Mud Terrain Trophy BR-T29A 1.9 tire is designed for RC scale lovers. A truely super scale tire - the Mud Terrain Trophy tire is a perfectly sized to mimic 1:1 daily drivers.

These tires can be a cornerstone for scale projects like retro trucks, military vehicles and SUVs. This type of tire was widely used in World War times and throughout the 1900s.

Many modern trucks also use such narrow tires that you see (or saw) on the road on a daily basis.  Perfectly sized for 1/10 scale builds like Defenders and Toyotas.

If you love scale details of a tire, there are lots of details built into the Mud Terrain Trophy to make them extremely realistic.


The "narrowness" also has performance advantages. The footprint is smaller, meaning you get more flexibility when tinkering with the setup.

You also get more steering angle as your tires are now less likely to hit your body, shocks or other chassis components.


These tires will fit most beadlock wheels.


Gekko Compound is a very soft and sticky rubber to help you gain traction in all kinds of conditions.



Tall: 93mm 3.6 inch

Width: 24mm X 0.94 inch

Fits 1.9" beadlock wheels



2x 1.9 Mud Terrain Trophy Tires

2x single stage open foams (hard)

2x tire decals

Product total weight: 140.00 grams



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